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Welcome to the Shared Billboard Ad Network

A New idea of making money with DAM and our Digital Billboard Ad Network that will cost you zero.
DAM is introducing a new business model that will allow anyone to earn money connected to the Ad Network. There’s no money required and no cost to be connected.
All you need is your own PC and screen with our FREE software.
Find a place to install it and we will do the rest.


Here is how it works:

Step 1 – People from all over the country invest in setting up a Digital Billboard system in their local area using their own PCs (old or new) or purchasing a pre-setup system from us here at DAM. If you have your own stuff it’s completely FREE.

Step 2 – Next find a location with some traffic like a Bar, Barbershop, Food Store, Church, Salon or any other location like this. Install your Digital Billboard and connect it to the internet so it get connected to the Paid Social Billboard Ad Network.

Now you are part of the system and will get paid a percentage of profits for the ads running in your system’s network.

That’s it.

How do you get paid?

share in profitsThe Shared Billboard Network works like an affiliate system, but with advertisement. First we have to build a system large enough to be a viable sales platform. Meaning, we have to get many systems out there like a large network of TV screens showing the same stuff. The more we have the more valuable we become and a marketing world. The ads at first will be very inexpensive to gain traction and as we grow the prices for ads rise to meet the market, but still be very affordable.

To keep the dividends at some reasonable level multiple networks need to be created at about 100 systems max. Each network can hold 1000 ad max, but it’s best to have no more than 250 ads in the system.

As ads are sold into the network the sales are equally less 80% of the ad sales is shared among the network of system owners. DAM gets 20% of all sales for handling the ads, keeping the network going, pay for the hosting fees. As ads are sold a common location on the internet will show what’s been sold and how many people are in the network. You will know at all times what profits you are to expect.

Doesn’t seem like a lot money, but we are talking about residual income that add up and the more ads in the system, the more money is earned. Networks are grouped in 100 system lots to keep the profits high for each owner.


How can I get a system for FREE?

Using our sponsorship model you can actually sell a sponsorship(s) advertisement that runs in the right side of your digital billboard system that pays for the cost of the system itself. This is how DAM has over 600 systems in the US now and in 23 states and 2 countries. Remember DAM makes no profit from these systems as it is.

DAM is one of the only work from home businesses that gives completely back to the community it serves.

How do I get in the network?

Buy from DAM or Build your own system using our software and that’s it!

Need more information just call me at 214-815-9308

Send me an email here

 Posted on : April 6, 2016

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