Ad Server Update

With all the new features added to the system software it’s time to update the core software for each Ad Server. The update is very easy and only takes download one file and saving it to each ad server “billboard” folder.

Step 1: Go to each Ad Server and stop the ads from running by hitting the ESC key or clicking the left mouse button a few times to get back to the Windows Desktop screen.

Step 2: Open a Browser and navigate to and click on Downloads. Look for the section named Ad Server and download “Ad Server Start-up program” and save to the “Cbillboard” directory on each ad server.  The file’s name is MiniBillboardStart.exe and you want to overwrite the file that is already there and that’s it.

Reboot your Ad Server and you’re back in business but now with the new Version 11 software and all the bells and whistles.

You might want to copy the file MiniBillboardStart.exe to a USB drive and just updated all your ad servers without downloading from the web each time.

If all goes well you will now see this startup box with V2.0 listed. The Auto-Start system does two things and that is updates the main software and runs the ad server program on reboot.

Do not click start to allow the update!


Now that you have your ad servers updated to the latest software you also want to update your Desktop Control software too. If you did not download and install yet, get it from here. Updates to the software along with other files areavailable here.


This software is updated often so make sure to watch your emails for changes.

Learn how to use it here

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